Jul 31, 2013

Back to the CAPITAL


I’ am back to the capital, Delhi. It’s not as bad as  I imagined it to be while I was happily chirping around in Hyderabad. The first encounter when I got out of my train was with the auto drivers. We all know how sweet these people are and I ended up in a long chit chat with like a dozen of them before finally settling the rates with one guy. So I hop in and my not so jolly ride back home after a year begins through the overcrowded roads near the nizamuddin railway station. Nothing much has changed expect off course the traffic, dirt and dust and most importantly arrogance among people. I try to soak in the smell of the city I lived in for 22 years and yet never called home. Auto is honking all the way to my destination and I rest my bottoms in the backseat with butterflies everywhere in my body thinking about the awkwardness of meeting my parents after like a year. I'am not someone who would hug n cry and that’s something I get from  my mom but then my family is weird when it comes to showing emotions because we clearly have no clue how to what to do. So just to get out the awkwardness of emotional overflow we usually offer  tea to the person even if he is visiting us after a decade or even if he is back from the war and thus we suppress the emotions.
So my auto guys stop abruptly bringing me back from my nonsensical thoughts and I'am already home... Well I just have to climb the stairs and reach my home on the third floor but still this is home. I pay him and bid by goodbye to him and starts my workout for the day i.e, climbing stairs... with each passing step I cruse myself for leaving Hyderabad and everything that I so dearly wanted to make my home. Without a job and a pricey degree I walk forward and I see my mother sweeping the floor and all of sudden I could feel tears rolling down my eyes and I just ran towards her and we hugged , something that rarely happens in my family. She was shocked to see me and especially this gesture, most importantly she was feeling like she is being crushed by me but i refuse to leave her.  After the soothing embrace I could feel my heart and body regaining the strength to get on with the fight of job hunting.

Hoping for some luck and a way to fall in love with Delhi J

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