Jun 2, 2013

Blissful realizations

Every city has a story . Never understood the story of Hyderabad, there were days when this city roars like a maniac and days like this one this city embraces you into his wide arms and gives you that much needed assurance  that pleasure and pain are a part of the same coin.
Sitting on the edge of the terrace of my 5th floor room, wind creasing my hair and making me feel its refreshing aura skin deep. I was all alone on a date with this beautiful city. Monsoons change the way we see a city. Few weeks back Hyderabad was blazing and roasting us in its vengeance and now its calm and soothing like this place has made peace with our existence on his soil.

Few things that you realize and need on a rainy day:-

 State of happiness

v  How to forget sorrows

v  How to smile with the nature

v  Embrace ones beauty ( I feel beautiful on a rainy day)

v  The feeling of warming the bed with that someone

v  A long lustful lip-lock

v  Hot cup of chai

v  A packet of cigarette

v  Shorts, loose top and flip-flops

 I got to enjoy most of the things from the list except sex but nevertheless monsoon have just started :)

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