Jun 1, 2013

Friendship made uneasy

I have always admired chankaya .. If you don’t know who he is you better hang yourself. One of his quotes goes like this “one should be friends with people of the same status, never with the one below or above your status.” The first time I read this I dint bother to pay much attention but over the years I have realized this quote to be true in all the sense.
I have never had problems in making friends. However maintaining the relationship was a total pain in the ass. The problem with rich kids is that they never know what poor means... They think even the poor person( as in a college student) would have at least a 5k balance in his account all the time to splurge. It is not an easy task to make these fat brainy kids to understand that poor people like me won’t even have 500 bugs in the account by the end of the month.
In a hard way I have embraced the words of chankaya... Every once in a while I don’t make friends from different class but they themselves show me my place which does not feel that bad now. I now know how to take there mis-conceptions. I’m not so sure if there are people who feel like this but if there are then remember one thing... No matter how hard we try rich people wont understand and its better we don’t poke there unused brains. Hardly matter what class you belong to … there are good people in every class and when you meet them try hard to stay with them

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