May 1, 2013

After a LONG TIME...


It’s been a long time since I visited my blog. Blogging was fun then everyone started doing it so it’s no more fun. For me it has been a stress buster until everyone else started thinking on the same lines and caused clutter so I stopped it.

I had to start again. Stress in my life demands it. So I don’t know how many have read my post about how happy I was to leave Delhi  when it was emrging into India's rape capital  and come to Hyderabad for my MBA , well am sure not many have read it . Anyways it’s been 2 years in Hyderabad. Life was perfect with a boyfriend, all kinds of people and a never ending rat race but at the end of two years everything changed. 

 I'am jobless and being jobless after spending 12 lakhs of tuition fees for your degree is nothing less than a sin.

Being jobless isn't that a painful phase until you bump into some old relatives or schoolmates. In my case friends are fine because they are also unplaced, relatives don’t care because they already knew i will be unsuccessful; what hurts the most is the fact that my boyfriend is placed. I’am happy for him  I mean I’am supposed to be right ? so  I feel good thinking that  he will spend some part of his salary on me till I start getting mine but over all this is bad. Now that he is gone I can kiss goodbye to all kinds of action, it is now once in a month affair.  With so much happening it is extremely difficult for a happily unemployed person to stay like this and refrain from turning suicidal.

For me things are not that bad yet. i rant a lot but still deep down I'm enjoying this period . I sleep, I workout, I eat and then I complete all those unfinished stories that I have started in between my semesters. Life would be a honeymoon if we end up in a job that we actually like...  do we get paid for just travelling and trying new cuisines if yes please fill me in for the place.

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