Dec 18, 2012


So there it goes, the shame capital of India has witnessed yet another incident of an innocent life getting succumbed to the desperation of few hooligans.
 Rape incidents in Delhi is such a common affair that people treat it as part and parcel of everyday life; a thing to discuss on the dinner table or during the morning walks. Somehow it all boils down to   victims fault especially her clothes. On one side people talk about equality and on the other side they sabotage the very right of a woman, the right to protect her body.
22 years in Delhi have made nothing less than a ninja to protect myself and I’m sure girls from Delhi or any other place will agree with me. Right from the time we step out of the house till the time we reach back world is a battle ground and we are warriors protecting ourselves. The funniest part of it all is that the girls are always told to watch themselves and protect themselves as if it is our fault. just because we have a vagina does not mean its an open invitation to insert  
The people who are entrusted with the responsibility  to protect us  are too busy counting cash from scams. The maximum they do is  make some horrendous comment  and give ridiculous solutions like “ girls should not stay out late” , “ girls should wear proper clothes” and so on.
We are trained to forgive and forget but its high time that we , the women should be give the power to chop off the dicks of these rapists or stone them to death…. It is high time that we take stand strong for the protection of our dignity and pride
I sincerely hope we girls get the power of mass penectomy so that we can chop off those filthy tools. 

Shamefully signing off ,

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  1. Strong amendment required in law and If India follow Middle East Law for rapists then we can stop the crime over women.


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