Apr 11, 2012

What s with an egotistic boss?

With no substantial experience of working with a “Pain in the Ass Boss” I started my internship with a jerk who is supposedly my Boss. The very first day he gave us enough reasons to hate him and slowly that feeling progressed into a rage and agitation in us. He is an amazing soul who taught me the importance of meditation to control anger and the power of memorizing 10 quick points to happiness. I will always be great full to him for showering me with abundance of insults in front of the entire office (No sarcasm intended), He was the one who taught me the importance of having a thick skin to survive the corporate music.
There were times when I used to doubt if he has mistaken me as an Afro-American slave but his attitude has cleared all my doubts and yes he does considers me as one. An Afro-American slave who is also a genie on demand (isn’t that great to adorn so many roles every day?).
I never had a formal introduction to the other employees therefore they think I’m my Boss’s slave who comes to office every day to make her boss’s life easy. It gives me immense pleasure to work with such an esteemed “asshole” (pardon me for the language but honestly I could not come up with anything that will explain him in his true essence) because he taught me some very important lessons which are:-
·       Never try to show that you have brains in front of your boss
·       Try hard to avoid companies where you have your super seniors as your managers especially if your college is filled with filthy rich dad’s good for nothing kids
·       Don’t do the work fast, else you will be give more & more work as and when you finish it.
·       Never correct your boss’s spelling mistakes because you will be asked to work on Saturdays from office and lots of work to do from home on Sunday.
·       Always keep smiling when you are being tuned to the magical sounds of abuses by your boss. This will help you stay calm and irritate your boss.
·       Pray to god every day to not a get a pre-placement from the company where you are doing your internship

P.S … These Rants Are Confessions of a Management Intern. Thus, they are self -motivated

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  1. Yes, you might be surprised to see my comment. But it's okay. I don't visit your blog (not just yours but any personal blog) quite often but here I am reading your stupid @ss stories (Random Mumblings) instead of prepping for my exam tomorrow for which I have read nothing at all - yet. And it's already 2:25 AM.

    But thanks for the few laughs and chuckles and for making me revisit the realization that even today few people (like you) do ponder upon something more than what meets the eye. It's okay that we don't get to talk a lot. I am sure you don't miss it. Neither do I...hehehe... but hey I can totally relate to your thoughts.

    I am not gonna start a philosophical session out here but all I wanna say is everybody goes through thick and thin - everybody. But not a lot of people are as bold as you are as to write it down with such a clear conscience.

    I wish you good luck with your current job. Should you want to get in touch, I'm just a click of a button away.


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