Mar 21, 2012

Random Attack

I did mention bout my joblessness in the last post din't I ? So let me tell you being jobless is highly dangerous. brain when left loose creates havoc like mine just did today .. browse through the pictures and you will understand what I'm TALKING ABOUT 

with no work and  granted off for " RELAXATION " as my boss but what he actually meant is .. " keep - your-freaking-ideas-and-yourself-out-of-my-office-for-sometime".

so today i was frustrated no no I'm still frustrated so i decided to use my camera to capture few stuff and make  big deal out of it by posting in my blog.. I was say blogging is way.. its also a way to torture others in the name of creativity.. isn't that great ?

my bedroom windows overlook this small hut

told you I'm frustrated.. so i have no clue why i took this picture 

my room keys in bright yellow colour.. its quite an eye-catcher

the open waste basket for the people in the nearby apartment.. i have no clue where the garbage of  my apartment is dumped into

bright yellow curtains... looks nice .. i guess my house owner has a thing for yellow 

this is my favorite .. need i say why ?

thanks for bearing with the torture ( is at all you read my posts)

I'm sure i will come up with sum-thing worth reading

Readers ....

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