Mar 14, 2012

clueless and jobless

It’s been ages since I wrote anything on my blog. I was in search of something worth thinking about and thereafter writing about. I dint get any so I thought to start anyways.
                So now I’m back in Hyderabad after  week’s escape to Delhi( I love this place). I came back for my summer internship but when I asked my mentor when to join he asked me to wait till he calls me. Now moments like these make me want power to sabotage somebody’s hopes. I came all the way back to Hyderabad in a RIC ticket , travelled with the most boring n irritating couple with my half packed luggage all for the sake of being here on time to join the office and he ask me to wait?  Nevertheless jerks like this do exist and I desperately need a way to deal with them ( any suggestions ?)
                Okay so now I’m completely jobless, everyone is goin to the office while I’m waiting for the “ call” I decided to not let these days pass just like this. I have never been jobless in Hyderabad. I have always had something to hold on to like college , case studies , tests n so on  but now nothing of this sorts exists in my life for the next 3 months so I have no clue what to do. Being jobless in Delhi was a completely different feeling :- I had my parents and friend there but here all I have is few college mates( busy in their office) and all telgu speaking people around me. I feel like I have been kidnapped and throw into telgu hell( if at all there exists one)…..
                So this is my problem in brief.. I hope I might find a solution soon …

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