Nov 26, 2011

Few words of wisdom :P

You know you shouldn’t be doing a MBA when:-

ü  You hate formals… because you think they are bloody expensive and unnecessary moreover T-Shirt, jeans n chappals are the ultimate name for comfort for you.

ü  You usually write “ fiancé “ instead “ finance”.

ü  You have the habit of sleeping at 11 pm and getting up at 9 am

ü  You think speaking non-sense is weird ( trust me if u think speaking trash is crap then you are screwed because MBA guys are trained to talk trash)

ü  You don’t know which specialization to taken up even when you are in the middle of your second semester.

ü  You read books about Indian history and fiction novel when you are supposed to read management journals.

ü  You try to read Economic Times but don’t understand a word expect the name of the companies mentioned and you get frustrated and you  end up reading the supplementary paper.

ü  You have to literally scratch your head to get a management jargon in those desperate times the demands you to act smart and witty and intellectual.

ü  Every case discussion in your class set you  off for a fantastic sleep

ü  You are the  consistent “ C” grade scorer from your class

ü  You cannot remember the name of most of the CEOs and least intersted to make any efforts to know also.

ü  You got no clue what is the latest technological breakthrough or what is that product that’s make news these days ?

ü  You stay jobless most of the time when your batch mates are working their ass off in those assignments

ü  Your batch mates are discussing about the placement scenario of the college … you would be like..." what you think would be the menu for lunch today ? is it Aloo 65 or Gobi corn masala ?".

ü  When you are not an engineer or the worst you are a  BBA graduate who never thought it was important to read subject books and retain the concepts.

ü  You are not able to choose a subject to specialize in because you think anybody can do / learn  MARKETING … HR teacher’s preachings are lullaby for you and thus its too boring to even consider as a subject to specialize in .. and FINANCE appears in alien languages to you and operations is too mechanical and restricting your so called creativity.When the truth is that you are too lazy to put efforts on doing anything.

ü  When you choose your college not for the placements but because the campus looks good and you get single rooms to stay in... . the placement status clicks you later

ü  You don’t attend a single management events because you think weekend should be spend with your cigarette and laptop.

           In short MBA is a fuck all scene.
P.S… this is definitely not fiction. Need I say whose experience is this?
No offence to people who do MBA even I belong to that slot

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