May 16, 2011

A random tribute


I belong to the class that is born to sulk and live on the hope for change. Waiting for the bus in the bus lane we hope to buy a 3wheeler someday.

 We go to malls for the air conditioner and not for shopping( usually)

We don’t buy dresses, we buy price tags. We scan and search through each piece of cloth hanged only to find something that falls in the budget.

Eating out is luxury for us even if that means eating out in Mc Donald’s. Pizza hut is beyond luxury. 

We live to adjust. 

We nurture dreams lives in them and live through them. It helps us to brave our realities.

We take our believes and values seriously. We have strong ethics to live and enjoy. We compromise with everything but not these.

We try being happy, we never feel happy and good we only try.   
 Even a new pair of socks makes us happy and chirpy.

We have compassion (not fake) for everything that has life and otherwise.

We battle with rickshaw pullers and auto drivers everyday cursing them for their rude behavior and there class.

For us running after a bus or entering into the metro when the doors are half closed is nothing less than an achievement and we re proud of it.

We hate beggary because we done want to shell out our hard-earned money on someone unknown.

We feel guilty after giving tips in restaurants or eat out joints ( if at all we are going to one) .

We are ever ready to help others. We do expect them to return the favour but if they don’t we don’t feel bad.

We are emotionally over-charged but hardly show it.

We work harder to live better we forget to live and end up working all our life .

 Events like birthdays and marriage are rejuvenating points for us.

We do get jealous of others achievements yet we wish them good luck with a smile from our heart.

Academic excellence is  religion for us.

 We talk in English and feel in Hindi( or any native language).

We sulk we crib yet we live to find happiness in the smallest of smallest of things. we or rather I belong to the middle class who truly are the gods and goddesses of small things .


  1. I love what you said about beggary. You are witty.your line about fighting with rickshaw-puller is lovely , makes me go back to my college days when i used to fight and abuse them . Rickshaw-pullers in Delhi are so rude and so are the people in Delhi yet i cherish those memories. Good work Dhanya.


Thanks 4stamping ur views