May 9, 2011

I have no clue what i was thinking when I took this pictures .
these pictures are the result of my tired mind. which happened in  two beautiful days with 12-13 hours of power cuts on each day .. sweaty days and sleepless nights accompanied by the tribal songs from thousands and thousands of mosquitoes followed by random acupuncture therapy by them. i was dead and drained by the third morning . I'am grateful to the electricity board of NOIDA  for such a priceless class on power conservation and a pee-a-boo into how people lived before electricity was discovered . I'am prepared for all.

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  1. Perfect abstract examples . Nice pictures, A bit weird though but still that is there is many of your pictures and that is appealing as well . Good work again. I like the introductory lines you wrote.


Thanks 4stamping ur views