Apr 13, 2011

I Hate Chauvinism But I’ am Not A Feminist


Delhi Metro is something that we are all proud off. They have made Delhi summers bearable to an extent, saving us from those long torturing bus rides. Bus rides are fun only if it’s a long route on a rainy day or anytime when the sun is hiding somewhere but that does not happen everyday so we  end up in a bus that makes us deal with the despos , the sex maniacs , the screaming child , high – heeled  lady , old uncle with a poking nose , wannabes with low waist jeans n spiked up hair , the aunties with heavy gold  or rather mobile jewellery shops , the hottie with the sleeveless top and so like .. The list is endless. The metro saved us from that to an extent however you can find our own list if you travel in metro regularly and also if u care to make a  list . 

I usually carry at least 2 books with me every time I travel so I never get bored in metro and I never bother to notice these so called characters that we find in metro. With the introduction of ladies compartment life in metro became even better but I don’t always get into the ladies compartment it makes me conscious so I hop into any compartment without any reservations. Two days back when I was traveling back from Dwarka in the metro, I was as usual busy reading my book and one shrieking voice bought me back from my indulgence. The voice was of well no prices for guessing was of a young lady probably my age and she was asking an old man to get up from the seat reserved for “ Ladies “ . Well if I was that old man I would run for my life from there because her voice can pinch your eardrums. Anyhow coming back to the point I understand that the seat is reserved for ladies but what will happen if we just stand for sometime? A 20 year old girl is asking an 80 year old man to get up and leave the seat for her... what was she trying to prove/ show ?  Have we forgotten to respect old people or is it that the new definition of modernity allows us to over look such things? She dint stop until that man got up and gave her the seat. She was proud when the old man got up and in a jiffy she fixed her heavy bottoms to the seat with a broad smile that showed the satisfaction of her victory. Is that really a victory? Everyone is tired... What will go wrong is we just let others sit? We can get a seat later … it is not a big deal to stand for sometime.


              Second incidence happened today... I was traveling from Rajiv Chowk . I dint get a seat as expected and I was standing near the door the door against the glassed separation that overlooks the two-seater bench on the side. Tow girls were sitting there. I noticed one of them precisely because of her clothes; she was wearing hot pants which exposed her longs legs and her derriere. I dint want to see her bottoms but it was so clearly visible.   I saw two guys staring at the obvious , I had no choice but to look somewhere else because first I‘am not interested to check out her bums  and secondly I was feeling embarrassed by  her show. For the first time I was hoping for my station to come fast because I could hear lewd comments from those guys and that was definitely not entertaining for me.  I turned back and saw the girl painting her nails liking she is sitting in her garden , least bothered about what the guys were saying . She was as cold as a dead fish. She could hear it all but she dint say a thing, for a moment I thought I’ am  having hallucination but no It was all happening for real  . Some minutes passed by, my station was about to reach and at that time I heard her screaming to these guys because they said something to her, she started shouting at them and her friends joined in. It grabbed lot of attention people started twisting their necks and jumping, trying to strike a balance on their toes to see what is happening; in Delhi a screaming girl is quite an eye catcher. She got some supporters and those guys were asked to get down at the next station. Those guys de-boarded the train on the next station the girl looked happy and cheerful. Everyone applauded her for her guts to shout against those guys for misbehaving with her. I was the one looking puzzled there because those guys were passing comments from the time she boarded the train from Rajiv Chowk and she reacted to there comment almost 9 stations after that. I never knew painting nails could have such an effect that it turns you dumb when u do that   All of a sudden she got charged and started shouting … I ‘am not supporting those guys here but there is something called sense of dressing and we should all have this much of mind to  dress accordingly. I know it is not possible to walk in long dresses because you don’t want people to comment on you but that doesn’t mean you walk in such short clothes and expose those things which are supposed to keep covered. Everyone knows we have all these things... Its no surprise but we don’t have to walk around showing it all. Modernity does not come from short clothes. It comes from your thinking about how to perceive things and act. When you know it’s not apt to wear such things then why do you do that? Wearing a hot pant is good if you wear it properly. I ‘am not trying to make fun of feminism or women’s rights here. I know what that means and I truly support that. Feminism and modernity is not about walking in short clothes exposing like you are the only one with proper assets up and down … what I ‘am trying to say is that every single women should have the sense and sensibility to dress according to the occasion and the place … showing off your assets and grabbing attention is shameful 


            A woman should show her beauty by not exposing her body. Her beauty reflects in the way she thinks, the way she feels about her. Her body is not her beauty; her soul is her true beauty. The soul that makes her proud of what she is .


  1. I can very well imagine your face during that metro incident. I guess you should start your article about " Double Faced Feminism" I'am sure it will turn out pretty good

  2. i hv strtd it .. its going pretty good .. im typing all my hidden thoughts abt tht very topic n the ppl v now who are masters of it ..


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