Jan 29, 2011


Talking about green and clean environment is the in thing today. Most of us keep chanting the slogan at all most all the possible public forums. Banners and hoardings shouting “Green City Clean City” and other related slogans are so common now. Most of the T.V commercials are also inspired by these slogans so in short we can say most of us are going green...Is it really so? Do we all care about our environment? Are we interested in doing our bit in cleaning the mess around us? NO not really… most of us are happily ignorant about our environment and the related issues.
I have always been very determined to do something to clean up the mess around me (I mean the garbage). I know I cannot “save” the planet all alone but I can do something around the place I stay. So I decided to impart some environmental conservation/cleaning knowledge to my family, friends and some ignorant people on the roads so the highlights of the knowledge giving sessions are as follows :-
To my dad-
Me- dad please turn off the tap once the bucket is filled. Don’t waste water.
Dad – Don’t teach me. You cannot make up for the water shortage in the world by just making me turn off the tap so u better shut up or teach someone else.
Me- dad at least you do your bit, why do u have to think about others
Dad- Don’t irritate me please. Go and study.

(Why are people so adamant? What will happen if they just turn off the taps once they are done? Why do u have to think what others are doing, at least you should your bit right?)
To my cousins
Me- don’t throw the wrappers on the road, keep it in your pocket and throw them in the bin once you reach home
My cousins- we are not interested in turning our pockets into mini dustbins like you. If you are so keen y don’t u stuff these wrappers in your pocket.
Me- okay give it to me (so for teaching them I stuffed their toffee wrappers into my pocket)
Cousins- you need to be in a mental asylum. You Noe that right?

(I should be admitted to a mental asylum because I asked them to  throw the wrappers in the dustbin. Sometimes talking sense makes no sense to the senseless lots)
To my neighbor
Me- aunty please don’t throw the garbage outside the box.
Aunty- what difference does it make? I just dropped it outside the bin. It is hardly  2 inches away from the box its ok beta. Everyone does the same.
Me- what’s the harm if u throw the garbage inside the box can’t you walk two steps ahead to throw  it in the bin?
Aunty- oh ho don’t argue beta. It’s ok everyone does that. You go and ask others to stop first then I will walk 2steps more. why are you wasting your time in such things huh!!? 

(I wonder what pleasure people get when they throw the garbage just outside the box. And then they blame the municipality for not cleaning the waste and for polluting the near by places. There won’t be a problem if we just decide to drop things in the bin.)

To the kids in the park
Me- don’t turn on the tap unnecessarily. Stop playing with water. You should not waste water.
Kids- didi are you out of your mind? This is the public tap in the park what’s your problem if we are playing with it? We are not coming to your house to waste water.
Me- But... Before I could say anything my cousin asked me to shut up because I was insulting his friends by asking them to not waste water!!! 
 To the uncle on road
(He was throwing the banana peel on the road as he was walking)
Me- Excuse me... what u doing uncle? Why are you throwing the banana peel on the road? Please don’t do it
Uncle- why not? What’s your problem and who are you?
Me- uncle it’s a request. It should be thrown into the dustbin or someone might slip on it and fall. ...
Uncle – so what should I do? People should walk properly and everyone can see a banana peel so they wont step on it.. now you go.. pata nahi kaha kaha se aa jathe hai paagal log ?

Moral of these conversations – People are proud of  their negligence but we should Never give up teaching them. I’m adamant so I will still ask my dad to turn off the tap, I will ask aunties to drop their trash in the bin and I won’t stop requesting people on the road not to pollute the road and it’s ok to stuff the wrappers in your pockets and throw them later in the bin. I’m doing my bit even if it’s very small and it feels good.

I wish- Adult diapers were mass advertised and made more economical or else the by-standers should be given the liberty to make the PEOPLE clean the place they pollute by emptying their bashful bladder in public places rather than seeking a public toilet and somebody (or everybody) should take it upon themselves to spit on the faces of the ones who spit on the roads. We might have a clean city then!!   


  1. a very practice approach....and a gr88 step to make the whole bunches of illiterates learn how to live in the "society"..............i m wid u....and i m too doing my bit ........... :)

  2. yo boy .. im glad u doing ur bit :D
    n ya v hv to teach the illiterate around us.. thy r multiplying at a fast rate :)

  3. I love this post. I'm inspired

  4. @aki - inspired u ? hehhahahahahhahehehhe


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