Feb 4, 2011

A salute to the unbeatable competitive spirit in making babies

indeed the exploding population of our country is definitely an issue of concern. We have so much to worry about it.. but I wonder why dint we ever appreciate the never dying spirit in making babies? when will we ever learn to appreciate the  efforts people make to increase population?.. I mean c’mon its not that a small thing to have 9- 10 kids( it takes some serious efforts on the bed) or may be more than that.. So I think its high time I should do my bit to the people who contribute consistently to the ever growing population of our country...PEOPLE I HONOUR YOUR STRENGTH AND STAMINA AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THE IGNORANCE.
           The very few people who read my post( and the number is literally very few I can count on my fingers..) would think im out of my mind to write about such a thing like “Population “ I mean what is it about the population & its issues that we don’t know right ? WRONG like for every other thing I have my version of this problem as well which goes like this…
          My mother was working with W.H.O s “family planning” department earlier and I observed some really interesting facts about the department -
The head of the family planning department of that region (I wont mention the name of that region) have 9 children and the tenth one is due this march… isn’t that amazing?. He is the guiding force for the people who are trying to make their own customized cricket teams. I completely adore his never dying spirit (in making babies) and then his subordinate( second most interesting character) another guy in a nice position in the department have 6 kids ( I guess he feels little low coz he could never reach the standards set by his senior the; standards of 10 kids) his justifications of having six kids  is that he needed a son to take on his “ vansh” or his family name further(what a perfect excuse to make 6 kids. I’m glad his sixth kid is a boy else he would have continued the production).There were others worth mentioning but my criteria to mention name in this post was a minimum of 5 kids or more and most of the others working their had 4 kids. so sorry people keep trying(to increase the number of your kids). 

      I’m glad my mother changed her department and shifted to a better one( at least her current department doesn't have people contradicting the ideologies of the departments they work with).She was considered as an idiot in that family planning department not because she dint do her job properly but because she had only one kid and that to a girl.. oh my GOD! Such a sin as per the people around her and coz of her sin i had to face some really irritating / annoying/ stupid questions like – you don’t need a brother? My answer is obviously NO coz im happy being the only kid. Then the next irritating question- Y not? Brothers are good. Yeah may be brothers are good I don’t noe but i don't need one for sure. What’s the big deal? Next statement– you should tell your mother. Every mother needs a boy and i shut my mouth after hearing this i never ever had an answer for this statement. The people who asked me such question- which includes my Ex- neighbor’s , my mother’s colleagues and some random insignificant people whom I would love to ignore – did they really expect me to suggest my mom to shrug off her family planning idea? YUCK.)

             This leads to another thing-The Polio Survey I used to do till last year. Courtesy to my mother’s job she makes me n my cousin join the polio program(during vacations)because she was handling the program in that region and this polio program  happens every month( where we are divided into a group of 3 and we have to go to 140 houses a day n feed the kids with the polio dose and this goes for a week( 7 days * 140 houses) and we had to keep a recorded of the new born in the village as well. The village is very populated. Every house had a minimum of at least 4 children and the number kept increasing every year. People in that village ( I have no idea about what’s happening in other villages. I assume the scene is the same as in this one) had two main reasons to justify this ever increasing number of kids in thr family and village –  
1)  The motivating factor for making kids in this region was the 1000 Rs. That they receive ones this child is born in the Government hospital (what were policy makers thinking before granting 1000 Rs. For making kids?  You get paid to make kids.how nice) people were making kids to get that money and most of them have turned this into a seasonal income(as they were always ready to deliver a kid. One kid per year) so in a way the government is motivating to increase the number of kids and there by the population (they were making for future vote banks. cant really blame them can we ?).Government is very efficient in giving that 1000rs so that in turn makes the people efficient to make more babies.. how motivating

2) Reason is the need for a BOY. People in north India are so biased towards the male species(i really like the people around me  but at times i do hate certain things about them isn't that common?). They are ready to make N number of girls to get one boy. There were families where they had 3-4 boys (which mean on an average they have 3-4 girls as well.) when being asked why they have so many  kids when thy could have stopped after having a son as they wanted the immediate reply comes –  “My elder brother have 4 sons, My younger brother has got 5 sons then why should I have only 3 sons? I don’t want to be inferior to anyone”. The first time I heard this I dint know how to react I was baffled and unsure if I should laugh or stay stunned;for a moment i thought my inferiority complex of being fat and ugly(exaggeration to an extent) is nothing compared to his inferiority.Such dialogues brings tears to my eyes.. poor soul.. have to go through so much to get sons.  
    I never knew that people competed with one another for making babies as well... my social awareness is so NIL I thought people only compete to get better position in office or to get into a better college or better car , better wife(which hardly happens) but more babies?( son) First of its kind but now I'm pretty OK with that( not with making kids but with making so many kids to get the desired number of son. It's so common)

   Most of these people (Men) are actually proud of having so many kids (son) and their wives have no opinions as expected they are more than happy to spread their legs and let their husbands oil their production machine.( what a life.How can somebody be so happy by just being an object for his desire?.Let me tell u I'm not a feminist but this whole thing just irritates me.)  The male specimen  consider it as an achievement. 
  I don't understand what’s there to be proud of when you turn your wife or whosoever 's uterus into a production mill that churns out babies every year? Any guy (keep apart the exceptions?) can make a girl conceive but only a real man has the sanity to draw the line between having a family and owing a production mill (for a son)

MoralTry and convert “Hum do Hamare Do “into “Hum Do Hamara Ek”.compete for better things rather than this .

P.S- It is a sarcastic salute. I don’t intend to hurt anyone even then if you are hurt I cannot do anything. Try to shrug it off.


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