Feb 13, 2011

I see RED and it’s definitely not in a good way


Yes I do hate this very day from the bottom of my heart (and I don’t consider it as a sin like many do). I’m not someone who would remember such days and bother to wish others (I hardly wish people even on their birthday) but this day... no matter how much I try to protect my eyes and ears from the contaminated news related to the so called “SEASON OF LOVE” I terribly fail. It’s almost impossible to save yourself from the valentine day fuss (if you actually want to get saved!) Other days like “ teddy day”, “promise day” and so related irrelevant days are easy to ignore ( all you have to do is to just ignore few Facebook updates by your friends and delete those few  messages on your phone wishing you such days ) but VALENTINE DAY is a botheration, the very word is like a pain in the wrong place. From the beginning of Feb small hints to this very day begins (auspicious day for certified lovers). This day is slowly turning into a national celebration and if this goes on someday we might have a holiday for valentine day as well (I hope that never happens. I sincerely do)

I just don’t understand the importance of this day. Don’t we love people/our respective partners on the other days? Don’t we go out on date on the other days? Don’t we watch movies together on the other days? YES WE DO (I mean the couples do not me) if we do such things on normal days then what makes this day so different(lets just keep the historical relevance apart)? May be this day is special in a way for the ones who are willing to pamper and get pampered.It's not everyday you get to see someone  spending a few grand just like that to make their partners (mostly it’s the guy who spends and girl enjoys. I again could never understand this trend however this does not mean I'll spend so much on my guy NEVER ) happy taking them out for a nice dinner, a bouquet ( only red roses) or may be a movie together or go to some place  where there is peace and love( read as bed and A/c). 

I personally don’t have a problem with couples or people who love to celebrate this day or any other day for that matter (what choice do I have?) but my problem is with the fuss people make about it from newspapers to TV channels to kids on my block to the oldies everyone is taking about this day. Now most of them don’t make a fuss because they have a valentine they make a fuss  when they see some happily single people doing nothing on this “special” day. It’s like if you don’t have a valentine you committed a sin or the worst you are a good for nothing creature. Some pity on you others laugh on you when you walk alone or with a younger cousin in a mall on this very day (trust me I have seen that look may times) at times such looks make you feel as if you  walking naked  and this scene completely changes if you walking with a guy(he doesn’t have to be good looking or whatever just needs to a GUY) people will look at you as if you walking with your noble prize trophy on your side. There is a sudden sense of respect for you by the fellow lovers. It's almost like if you dont have a so called lover you did nothing in your life.
The second most irritating thing is the crowd. You walk into a mall and everyplace every corner will be packed with these so called love birds. Girls with layers and layers of makeup and guys with layers and layers in their pocket (money is after all the underlying element of love today) laughing and giggling tickling and moaning. It’s irritating. And what’s with the color RED? Seriously why red?  Isn’t there any other color that justifies romance? Red flowers, Red chocolate boxes, Red gift wrappers, Red clothes, Red bags, and Red sandals all RED …. When will anyone care to think about the very few people who are being tortured with this love drama (underlined with RED everywhere?)
If you genuinely love someone any day and everyday is a valentine’s day and moreover you don’t need gifts (and that too the ones with a hint of red. I don’t believe in love but I guess true love is unconditional) and yeah if you love someone keep it to yourself or to your respective partner don’t make it public like many people do on this “special” day because the public is least interested to know if your in love of out of it so spare us ..


Special Note -* Excuse me if I sounded a bit romantic in any of my lines it might have been due to the “LOVE” that’s in the air from February 1 to February 14- 15 *


  1. you made your point. Let's see what today's generation has to say...!!!
    Love is truly Unconditional... but I guess you should not get irritated or get unnecessarily heated up because seeing impossible couples swarming in malls or parks on this day.
    Play it cool....Yo. Yo.

  2. i try my best not to get irritated but somehow i get tempted to get irritated after seeing them
    n ya i do belong to " today's generation" even if its by default :P


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