Jan 24, 2011

An ode to instant Happiness

Life is beautiful especially during  the early morning visit to McDonald s for  an ice tea and an attempt to add on to my overflowing calorie level with the hot cakes served with butter and syrup all alone and completely out of all the urban mess around me.
   Such moments make me feel that my life is not as bad as I consider it to be; once in a while it does make up for the mess it gifts me with. The ice tea at McDonald s is reminding me of the one hour sneak outs on Monday during our last semester in college with my friend after our finance class with our psycho prof ,soon after the class ends with a messed up or rather unused  mind(happens after our finance class ) and an almost empty pockets we head to the economical and appealing McDonald to get an ice tea for me and chicken burger for her (chicken was her second love first being her boyfriend) and sit and chat there for an hour- comparing others  overflowing trays with  our empty ones and making fun of the girls or couples around us.. it was fun and here I’m all alone re-visiting those memories through my thoughts.. and its making me feel sad( I easily slipped into my messed up mode from the “happy:” me that I was when I started writing.Guess I’m well trained to be depressed all almost all the time)
one such Foggy winter morning

Anyways coming back to my:” life is beautiful” statement ( I don’t find it that beautiful now !) there are so many places, incidents or things that initiate an array of thoughts the moment we enter into that zone and I’m experiencing it now. My life is beautiful but it could have been little more than that ( aren’t v all born greedy ?) and things that could make it better changes from time to time but one thing that gives me instant happiness and makes that instantaneous stretch a little bit is  WINTERS. I love Delhi winters this is that time  when I’m proud of the city I live in. I feel like flaunting the beauty of this city and make others feel jealous of what I have and they don’t .Everyone looks happy during this time and most importantly everyone is looking fair (during summers all most all of us turn black and brown and that too the darkest shade of brown. I look nothing better than a rag picker then) winters allow us to dress nicely(properly covering everything) long jackets, boots, pullovers.. it feel so good to put all the clothes as compared to summers when anything more than shorts and white T- shirt feels like a baggage ( and the time for shorts is coming soon Come March and GO Clothes(not all though!) is the slogan for braving the Delhi summers.. ) winters treats my eyes well by displaying denuded trees ( lots of it )

one of the many denuded trees

and fully covered aunties(during summers most of them adorn themselves with those sleeveless blouses flashing their heavy and not at all appealing  arms that look  more like a 10Kg sack.  I know  it was a bit rude but could not help it.. if any  fatty aunts reads my posts here it goes- Aunty am sorry for hurting u .Even I belong to your group but I don’t torture people by displaying the overflowing fat in my body get the point?)

The warm sunlight
WINTERS... how much I love you … which other time of the year gives you the liberty or  willingness to grab a bestseller and fit your chair to that favorite corner in your balcony  and indulge in the luxury of reading  accompanied by random  ginger tea breaks as the sunshine soothes your body by  gently  kissing  your skin with its warmth and eventually making the urban mess  around you look more like an a product of  your hallucination than reality or which other time of the year do you look fresh even after along walk in Janpath or any market for that matter or which other time can you afford to wear that bright red long jacket of yours ? or which other time of the year can you make out without sweating like a dog even if your under ur blanket and the layers of clothes during winters does allow a lil PDA( if u must ..?). Foggy winter mornings prompts you to get up close and personal with ur spouse/partner( i have never felt the urge to cuddle up during summers.)So winters are special in one or the other ways.
Winters are definitely special for  me.. i wait all year for December to come and take me into a world of random knocks from happiness like the one now ;i might not be in that favorite corner of my balcony but I’m in this half filled McDonald by the window seat where the sun is providing me with the warmth I was yearning for... wow I have again started to see the beautiful side of my life. Thanks winters for making me feel happy again (life is not that bad.. when you re-think the bad parts of life you eventually discover the good ones and end up realizing how beautiful my/your life is .. I wish chicken burger lover ( NJ) was here…..)


  1. NJ ? kon hai ? ice tea and pancakes akele akele bhooki..
    by the way nice post tu4 a change happy sound kar rahi hai

  2. hi dhani
    nostalgia mistified early morning? wt happen? and that comment on "fatty aunties" was rude poor aunties dont blame them if they want to do some skin show

  3. @Aki- NJ ha.. read the post carefully n u'll get to noe who that is :D

    @Mri.. u startd blogging kya baat hai..
    n y ru getting offended by tht fat aunty comment?:P

  4. Anubandh - helloozz, well my comment wont be as exceptional as your blog is but i can only appreciate and encourage you. may u frequently have your keyboard intact to your expressing finger tips. :)

  5. hey anubandh.. thnx ya.. n "exceptional blog "hehehe thoda zyada hogaya na .. nevertherless ilike :D

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