Dec 30, 2010

i hate to witness the " wedding drama "

OK i hate weddings in general.. I'm a certified anti social animal so weddings are a big NO 4me .I have been in Delhi all my life (well im just 21 ) and i have attended 6 north Indian weddings n 11 south Indian weddings (  i Noe the number is very less).
So according to me weddings in general are just a platform for " show off " n i have nothing specific to show off so i choose 2 give such things a miss but at times parents  get in2 the story n i end up attending weddings of mostly the ones i have never seen in my life :(

weddings are mostly venue for self appreciations , one can easily find old ladies in glittering saris boasting about there son in" amrica " ( its not spelling mistake  this is how they pronounce it ) working with Microsoft (huh !) earning big amount getting engaged to a someone who is giving a Mercedes as the shagun (big deal ? well ya big deal but wts the need to make it pubic?)
And  the second  most annoying part of the weddings are the kids yes kids screaming n running everywhere . i do love kids but only when they are tamed to act like human beings
AND THEN THE DJ FLOOR ... well there is nothing to be scared of DJ floor i Noe but imagine a DJ floor when aunties weighing nothing less than 90 kg dancing on it( im not skinny i do belong to the fat ppl community but then i choose 2 stay on the floor rather than the DJ floor so i cn very well comment on such aunties ) and now imagine uncles weighing nothing less than 100 kg accompanying the aunties.Torture at its best.. such acts damage my eyes , ears n in general my mental health for a long time( may b till the next wedding )
Amidst of all the noise n dance( the scariest part ) poor newly wedded couples with all smiles at the strangers around them stand and stare at the food stall ( well they are just allowed 2watch guests filing there tummy ). I do sympathize with them but then on seconds thoughts this whole drama is there fault
if  at all they would have decided to just sign papers rather than this wedding drama ; things would have been so easy for them n for some poor souls like me

My reasons to hate weddings are as follows :-

1) i hate heels. weddings means glittery dresses accompanied by killing heels n i hate it .y can't v just wear flats to weddings ?

2) i hate to smile at strangers ; and that's exactly what v do in weddings

3) i hate glittery dresses. i love my black n white dress code. i hate to dress up like a Christmas tree but alas i don't have a choice .

4) i hate screaming kids.

5) i hate to see people attacking food .. this is the specialty of north Indian weddings... after the initial " hi " " hello " the next and probably the only focus of the whole wedding drama is FOOD FOOD FOOD

     6) i don't really like to attend anybody and everybody's wedding just because v r invited to it. i if i don't Noe sum1 y will i b interested in joining them on there wedding drama ? ?
how i wish people could get sum lessons on social etiquette before attending weddings .. whose gonna listen2me anyways

 [ I have a wedding to attend 2moro and i confused what should i wear ? i dont wnt to go but then its winters n gajar ka halwa will b the part of desert so for one more time i sacrifice my issues with wedding for the sake of good food ]
I HATE WEDDINGS , I WONDER IF ILL B ATTENDING MY WEDDING(until good food is not at stake :D)


  1. Really....i agree with you
    People just keep staring at you....wicked aunties
    I think men r better that women in that case
    I had an experience very bad.....1 lady came near me n was asking my family friend about me....for his son....i was a tube-light as usual cudn guess....i cud have killed her....i was waiting to get done with my dinner....
    but then i cudn find her

  2. good tht u dint find tht lady aftr ur dinner.. saved u from killing someone


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