Dec 30, 2010

I Admire Animals... even though im scared of them

Black beauties aren't they ?  ... i adore them

ELEPHANTS  - my love for them is the only stable thing in my life since my childhood .I don't like the elephants that we get to see in Delhi they look malnutrition-ed 

This is a baby elephant.Her name is EVA  she is jst 14 year old

This is priyadarshini's bum . she wasnt in her gud moods so i choose 2click her backside.I din't have the  intention2b killed by a mad elephant :)
This is a cute dog i meet everyday on my way back home from the metro station ..  i have never seen this dog walking or barking.. jst this same position everyday
some days i do wonder if its still alive but  when i pass by this cute creature he lifts his head a little  bit n then back to  the old position .. that lift is almost like an assurance to me that he is still there.

This is my poser i love this little devil.. she is always calm like she cares a damn about whats happening around her  all she cares about is food and rest; happily munching the left overs from all almost all the houses in the locality and resting anywhere that  is life for her.. i love the way she rushes into every house as is she owns the house
This is my granny's favourite .I dont really like hen
i always hated them.When i was a kid i  have killed N number of chicks but that was when i was a kid now even if i don't like them i don't kill them.She reminds me of my granny( she doesn't look like my granny ) its coz she reminds me the love my granny have for all her pets which includes hen , cat , 2goats n a dog( poor dog is no more )

Fish darlings.. i took this pic from the pond near
there were many other things to be admired in that temple but i particularly loved these lil beauties .

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