Dec 23, 2010

The dilemma of friendship in the virtual world

There are so many social networking sites these days one can never have enough time 2  join all of it but im sure most of us have an account at least in one of these sites ;2-3 years back "orkut" was such a big craze n then "facebook" became the favourite then twitter came n after that i have stopped keeping track of these sites.. ( did i ever mention im technologically challenged?).I would be lying if i say im not addict to any social networking site ; I spend 5-6 hours on facebook almost everyday and all i do their is stare at my profile , admire my pics n re-read the comments i post or the ones posted on my wall. Its very annoying and i try my best not to log in2 my account but every time i switch on my comp  facebook is my first priority n now its blog-spot as well

The stupidest part of these social networking sites is the presence of more strangers than friends in our list , jst 2 increase the number of friends we keep accepting / sending maximum requests and our desperation to increase our friends list has no limits( n i do the same) ; when i go through my friends list on facebook i see sum strange faces smiling at me and i don't recognize them at first  then it takes my a few minutes to realize that they were my classmates or they were in my school , tuition etc.. its kinda surprising to see them on my friends list coz thy r or were never my friends i might not even have spoken to them for once yet but stil v r friends on facebook( weird). We at times end up adding even the ones v meet on the streets as well (well that's my exaggeration )but then whats the point of having 1000 or 500 or 400 friends( and thts coming from someone who has been struggling with 150 friends :D) in your list ? when in  reality u can hardly be friends with them ...its such a big question mark 4me.... 
The second most annoying element of social networking( specifically facebook because  i don't use orkut anymore n i don't tweet)is the CHAT.
I feel like banging my head on the wall when i open my chat  reason-so many known names and unknown faces pop up.....   n then for formality i ping someone i know a lil better they respond with the usual hi n then thy go on and on.. i wonder how can ppl talk so much online n keep mum when u meet them in real. some people i know prefer talking online than in real  there r ppl who hardly look at me when i meet them the next day or on the very same day (im not sure if it is beacuse i look ugly or scary or they lost their voice i don't noe)
The saddest part of these socializing on the social forums is the slow n painful death of face - to - face socializing. we are ready 2 comment on ppl's pictures and  send them messages on there phone / profiles but v dont hv time 2 meet them in person(n i don't wnt 2  say it again n again that im no different from the others im toking abt) i miss the times when ppl say things right on my face like - "dhanya u have grown fat or u've lost weight or ur a bitch or i like u(i want sum1 2 say that!!) , or how abt a movie this friday ?"n i kinda liked it; who wouldn't like it..  on the face words are any day better than the online proposals but now ppl have all the sugar coated words to comment on the pictures we upload. even the weirdest pictures will be subtitled with comments like :-"nice" beautiful"( yuck !!!)
  i wonder what kind of friendship is blooming these days ????. 
i miss those old times when reality was for real...
nevertheless i will still be online for 4-6 hours on facebook and i will continue adding the people i met just once till date afr all have to go with the follow :D


  1. were you drunk when you wrote this ? sounds like the philosophizes you come up with when u drunk

  2. nowadays i get high even without the vodka. its economical :D


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