Mar 13, 2011

I’am not single

 I’AM double in size 


People the very few people( I say very few in all most all my posts because the number is literally very few and I would like to acknowledge all those few people in each of my posts any problem ?)  Who read my posts please don’t go by the bold  title of this post this is not exactly about my relationship status it is indeed about my physical status. 

I’ am double in size yes I’ am not size zero , I’ am not skinny I’ am born broad ( I would love to call my self broad instead of fat ) however now I have reduced myself a little bit so I would probably be included into the healthy people’s group( hopefully) but there was time when I was huge ..
Life was a bitch back then (not that it is any better now). When you are fat, people around you (the ones who know you and otherwise) take it upon themselves to throw some really unwanted advices on you. I have had some really long advice taking sessions. I have been advised to do so many things to get lean. I have tried it all seriously almost everything from jogging to walking to dieting to crash dieting and the favorite of all these tortures was having a two spoons of  vinegar ( the white one) diluted in a glass of water on an empty stomach early morning. I have done that for like a week after that I could not take it. I could feel my internal system getting crunched with this vinegar dose so I gave up.

The thing with these people and their unwanted advices is that there is no place set  to throw advices . Advices are freely flowing and you have to listen to it if not follow it because they dont really leave you with much of a choice. Most of these advices leaves my face with an  " I would have happily spent my week without that shitty piece of advice " expression but the people don't really see it ? why i dunno may be I'am a pathetic actress i conclude . These  advice active people can be found at places like...  Wedding ( the favorite spot for " u better get lean beta ; else you will die single " advices can be taken from here) ,
Movie theaters ( the favorite place for " Don't buy so much of nachos or don't eat butter popcorn " advices ) ,
Family get-together ( the place where a fat kid is always compared to the other fellow cousins who look more like malnourished kiddos from countries like Somalia or Vietnam)  ,  
Temples (place where " u have to shed those extra kilos else you wont look good in a sari " or " you have to reduce a little bit else no one will give you a second look in the temple , then how will you get married ? advices can be heard here  sigh !) . 

Even though the subject of these advices are the same the concern depends on the place they give advices . out of all the venue i hate the temple advice the most.I go to temple to get some peace and tranquility and the aunties there come to take the peace from me. Half of the times I don’t even recognize the people in the advising committee but I never said a word as I was made to believe that fat people have no voice.( don’t be shocked it so happens). It sometimes so happen those aunties who carry the bulge and fat that might cause some serious threat to this very planet’s balance have advised me on how to loose weight. That’s funny isn’t it? Yes it is ask me... it’s like being advised by elephants on how to get skinny (ROFL) and yeah how can i forget the “Do Not Eat“ this list for the fat people which  is so freaking funny.. Somehow people expect you to make peace with bittergaurd and beans and so like which is so not possible because if you see things like Pastries, Paneer Roll, and Doughnuts calling you to come and eat them n soothe your tummy how can you not listen to them ?  I know one cannot resist those  beauties  then how can BIG people resist such temptations I mean you don’t loose the right of being a human if you are fat or do you?
Don’t think twice all you big people out there… BE proud of your size because you (including me) have earned it with our hard work and sincerity towards food (no sarcasm involved in these lines mind you)

             The last tiny advice to the people wanting to loose those kilos –    People you are born special and are bound to stand out even if that is because of your over bulging fats but hey its all about  being different right
And if you still want to loose weight or shed those extra baggage from your body you should follow things that suites you and not what a stick like actress asks you to do and MOST IMPORTANTLY LOOSE WEIGHT FOR YOU NOT  BECAUSE OTHERS WANT YOU TO ..
Everyone is born special and so are you dear big people (including me). Accept yourself the way are and you would see how gifted you are .


  1. What would you say if I say you're absolutely correct with whatever you say. I must say I am a fan of your writing and your thoughts about those big and small things surrounding your life.

    The very few people definitely includes me doesn't it? :) or (:

  2. thanks abe.. ur for sure one of my counted readers


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