Mar 19, 2011

The colorful festival

festival that represents oneness in its true sense

Today is holi probably my last holi in Delhi before I enter the torture chamber named IBS Hyderabad so I thought I should pen down something about this second most hated festival on my list of “ The most hated festivals “ so here I go .
When I think about holi the first thing that pops into my mind is  big B of bollywood and his song “ RanG barsE bheegE chunaR walI ranG barsE “  well everyone has got there own favorites for holi but my personal favorite is the “ Holi ke din dil mil jate hai “ from sholay I love this song because soon after the song gets over GABBAR makes his entry ( I totally adore him ) and the second reason to like this song is the fact that this is one of the very few songs that is not all about wet “ choli “ and “ chunari”. I wonder whats the fascination with wet clothes? Most of the songs are all about that. It feels as if they play holi only to get a glimpse of what s inside the wet dress which becomes see – through once its all  messy and wet. Perverts I tell you.
            Holi was my favorite festival when I was a kid. It was the only day when you can get all dirty and messy and unrecognizable. The only day when its ok to spoil your dress. The holi spirit is dying slowly these days but kids are always up for fun and they still have a great time as I can see lots of unrecognizable faces walking around. I have no clue whose my enemy and whose my friend here. They all look happy and together.Holi is the only day when my mother would let me in even if I'am all drenched in mud , cow dung and not to forget generous amount of grease and aluminum paint . I used to love holi or may b i still like it because nobody bothers to look good that day. its so nice to be dirty and free yet comfortable. Nothing like walking around in a pair of shorts and loose t-shirt with bright colors all over you all wet and still not tried , not bothered to comb your hair not concerned about the crease in your clothes AMAZING . While I'am writing this i can clearly see those times when i played holi in its true spirit and i was so happy to be so careless

 I started hating holy out of my concern for water conservation. I know its not the best time to talk about it but I cant simply see so much of wastage of WATER. One should try using just what they require don’t just let the tap open n walk around n so on.
Another reason to dislike this very festival is the problem with aluminum paint yes I hate it. It takes lot of hard work and patience and time to get off my body especially my face. Its hard work for my parents as well as they join me in the scrubbing process but still  the paint wont leave me that easily leaving my face with big red patches here and there which looks more like the love bites from a giant mosquito. All these reasons compiled me to dislike this festival and lock myself in my room ( I know its very boring but I cant go through the scrubbing process so im ok with this ) but I can’t help but notice that this is probably the only festival where we forget our differences and go with the flow to paint ourselves and there by the roads and buildings and near by vehicles with bright colors that symbolizes happiness and joy 

So Happy Holi everyone
Play safe and save water it is not that difficult
And stay away from aluminum paint , cow dung , grease, Rexene colors
And please don’t wear white please


  1. most songs about holi talk about wet choleez n al because holi "hurdang" ka tyohar hai. the only regret is that people should keep that boldness in their day to day life as well because otherwise people act very conservative. Although my personal favorite song is from Mother India "holi aayi re kanhayi rang chhalke, suna de zara baansuri"

  2. U r rite. instead of wasting so much water, we can celebrate holi as a centralized event in every colony/society where we can create some central pond or tub to play with water and if we can, we should avoid much use of water in holi. and by the way, to avoid scrubbing, apply oil on your body before you go out to play with colors and then u will only need a cotton to remove all the colors.

  3. thanks for the tips and ur views . I appreciate it thanks again :D


Thanks 4stamping ur views