Jan 1, 2011

Story of emotionless parents

The title of this blog is quite controversial but not insignificant
people keep saying that the younger generation is growing emotionless ( huh ? ) what about the parents who are r so ? well no1 will ever comment on that ( i wonder why ) . My parents r the best in the world( like any other parents are) but not the perfect. 
now coming back to my family story.Im there only kid(thank god!) and im the one filled with over flowing emotions in my family    ( imagine). My parents are well not  excatly emotionless but i guess they don't noe how2show it, how to show there love or rather emotions for me( and thats the problem wid many of us .)
like when i tell my dad .. " dad i love you. ur the best dad in the whole world:
dad says - " what do u wnt ? say it straight" ( i noe im very materialistic but not alwas i mean  there are times when i sincerely wnt to tell my parents how much i love them but seems like nobody cares?)

now when i say - " mom u luk beautiful.. "
mom says - " im not  buying u any new dress. so dont bother complimenting me " ( huh !!! WTF i genuinely find my mom beautiful like ny other kid.Am i not suppose 2 say it ?)

n ya how can i forget  my parents birthday bash this year(grrrrr) my parents share there b'day(thank god!that saves me from remembering different dates ).This b'day i thought of a surprise b'day party so i bought cake for them and  couple of other stuffs. At 6 my chitta ,maman and kochachan( uncle n aunts .. i dont like calling them that i preserve uncle n aunty for the ones i don't like ) came home 2wish my parents so once they r in  i bring in the cake ,the lights were switched off initially  n i slowly walk in2 the room  with a loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA and  MUMMY lights goes on..

n my dad says -EVEN BEFORE CUTTING THE CAKE " is the cake eggless  ? coz im on lent . i dont wnt2 eat egg in ny form "

mom adds - " im diabetic.. u enjoy the cake urself."

n my smile fades jaw dropped.I noe my parents really dint believe in showing appreciations in these  small things i do for them but never knew they were  so heartless( well not exactly but stil they cod hv said sumthng else. i was expecting a hug n c what i got :'(
normal parents get happy when there kids arrange a surprise party on there b'day  for them n my parents are getting health conscious wow !!!!

This reminds me of once such incident happened to my friend last year..
she has been staying away from her family since the past 4 years.. n last year during the Christmas time she was missing home .. so she calls her mom and it goes like ..

my friend - "Hi!  mom.. im missing u all. how u doing ?"

mom- " im good . u missing me ohh what happen ? anythng special? anythng u need from me ( whats wid the parents these days ? y do they alwas think that v do sumthng 2get sumthng from them)  .. hows the weather thr ?"

my friend - " its cold. Mom i want to be wid u all.its christmas time"

mom- " u hv ur exams .. dont bother abt us . n ya do put on enough warm clothes"

my friend - " mom i saw u in my dreams yesterday. i saw all of us enjoying pizza on the Christmas eve. ( my friend strts crying aftr saying this. i noe she was terribly missing her parents ) "

mom- " wts the big deal ? u silly kid .. huh.. order a pizza 4urself n eat it..  dont cry 4 such small things as if thr is no pizza hut close to the place u staying (n the tears vanished/ evaporated)"
not that i expected aunty to say sumthng soothing to her daughter( my friend) and make her feel better  but i never thought she wod say this .. for god sake lady she was missing u not the goddamn pizza
    Its not funny you see .I have this overflowing emotions for my parents.There are times when i just want to go and hug them and expect them to reciprocate with the same compassion but that hardly happens... i guess such parents only exists in movies and among upper class people because emotions and middle class don't  really go well together.
Now where should i go n complain about this ? which generation should i blame for such cold response?( i dont want to blame anyone . my parents for sure  mean everythng to me .. jst wish if they cod b bit more compassionate like me ? )

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