Jan 1, 2011

One can never stop admiring SEA

                                     Shanghumugam Beach

I love sea.. i love water body in general but i dont really like beaches REASON-  they are very crowded and moreover im interested 2 admire the sea not the half naked people who roam around on the beaches like they are allergic to clothes [i noe one cannot walk in saris on the beach but PEOPLE show some decency and tourists plz wear something proper because you are in a sex-driven / deprived country please don't excite the already over excited hormones of the male species of our country ] and that is the main reason why i love Shanghumugam Beach more than Kovalam Beach.

we reacheD there at 12:00 in the noon.Amazing time to be by the seaside. The tides ver high( thts excatly how i like it) crowd was less jst 2 or 3 fishermen here and there . Perfect setting 2fall in love wid the sea(well im madly in love with it). you noe what i love the most - just to Stand by the sea side n feel the  the tides touching ur feet , sweeping the mud beneath ur feet , feel the rush of force of the high tides against my skin. NO matter how much i try i cannot describe that feeling;U NEED to feel it for yourself 

 Tried making my mark on the sand. it dint last long.The tides took them away but im satisfied to capture it and nurture it for the rest of my life.These footprints are the combined efforts of my granny , mummy  and few kids i met there .

This is just the glimpse of my stupidity. Enjoy if u must !!

My Creators - guys.....
i owe u big....

Its not that everyday i get to see clean water or sea and that is very bad n sad
I live in Delhi close 2the black river( Yamuna).We dint stay near the sea for very long my hungry cousin dint let us.The Indian coffee house on the other side of the road was showing some serious magnetic effects on his tummy so my whole family decided to focus on their tummy  unwillingly i started moving from there. with a heavy heart i turned my back to the sea i felt as if i just had break up indeed it was break up with the nature.my mind was busy handling random questions i was wondering when will i get to see the sea again i noe it wont b anytime soon for a moment i felt like crying loudly my city life(i have been in Delhi all my life but still) has take away the small pleasures that make my life.on my way to coffee house I realized one thing i can only have a stable relationship with nature(especially water bodies) im not good at being good with human beings most of the times

THIS is a fish net.. its not anywhere close to Shagumugham . Its my dad's place


Thanks 4stamping ur views