Oct 26, 2010

A starter

with zero followers oh no im following my own posts ok so correction with one follower and a vacant mind i strt MY BLOG..and im very happy about it.. i finally got a place 2drop my weired theories and i hope i eventually get people to read that crap.
   Im a starter.. don't even noe how this whole things work but the the villain of my life :- boredom is compelling me to do sumthng so i choose the easy form.... writing blogs is that rescue measure not that i have  anything 2 ryt abt except a few random imaginations and incidents that i could never forget but im sure ill get more scoop 2 right about as i have a knack to see and remeber the weird and non-sense around me( n i consider that as my special quality). SO in case if anyone dares to read my posts then let me warn u- u'll not find anything fruit full from my posts so if u looking for feeds to stuff ur brain with kindly don't  bother to read the trash i post( its a request .I don't want 2b guilty for fucking someone's brain)

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