Feb 28, 2011

Soul less pictures

The path that lead to the following


Speeding traffic at 7 in the evening seems blurred through the lens

The tank in the middle of a path that leads to a lake and park.

looks much better than the over-hyped Charminar

Lack of focus underlines this picture

Another corner in Charminar

The empty tracks waiting to receive the train that would take me back home


  1. again thanks would b the least i cn say :D

    waiting to say something on ur posts.. ny time soon hopefully !!

  2. nyc pics dear............loved 'em all..... :)

  3. Hyderabad ha
    i see why you calling them soul-less because you don't like any of these pics right ?
    they are good my personal favorites are the first one and the tank one love them

  4. @Mri- kudos gurl how did u noe the reason behind " soul-less" n thanks for liking
    but one thing is 4sure i would never get honest reviews frm ny of you ryt:D


Thanks 4stamping ur views