Jan 9, 2011

should i b saying this .. ?

lot of couples might b offended by this but who cares ( at least I don't) so ya coming back to the bold red statement i just wrote i personally don't like to comment on anyone's life but i was provoked to do so..

The other day i went to Purana Quilla , New Delhi. The beautiful monument was standing strong  surviving all the invasions that happened after its construction .I was transfixed in a state of trance at the entrance gate of the quila Reason- I LOVE THE OLD DELHI CHARM. So i enter the gate feeling  good and happy at the same time to get a peek a boo in2 history . The gate opens into a beautiful garden.. i was happy 2 see the greenery all around so i took my camera n strtd clicking random pictures.. lot of things caught my attention like - the kid with running nose n no handkerchief , the fat aunty fighting wid her kids 2get that last piece of lays( food is for sure a binding factor among families.) , the newly wedded husband trying 2give his wife a quick history lesson and his wife trying 2 check out other people around (i guess she was checking out sum better guys 2luk at.. aftr all variety is the spice of life)  and my cousins running everywhere n  enjoying there new found freedom( which only existed till the time we were in that Quilla) and finally i spot them.. COUPLES....   

most of them well as expected were very busy clearing there doubts about human anatomy by the practicals that they were conducting on their respective partners..( huh !). I ignored them n moved further( wt choice did i hv any ways .)with my neighbor n there kid.

so all 4 of us (including me , my neighbors and my cousin) were admiring the kunti mandir  n there kid was admiring something else. The sudden silence of that kid did surprise me( because his silence = trouble ) and as i expected the surprise was broken... the kid asked  us to join him n showed us the best of history , physics and bio happening.

The kid was admiring a couple who were very busy making out.. their lips were at the wrong position( according to the kid) , hands at the sinful position.Their lips ver busy counting there partners remaining  teeth and hands ver busy measuring the waist and chest.The guy was busy fondling her breast and struggling with the hooks and straps at the same time( i wanted to suggest the gurl abt  stick ons that are available in the market bt decided not to disturb them at tht time. guess its not the right time 2show my market awareness about lingerie )and clothes well wt 2say thanks to the Delhi winters.. a lot can happen under a shawl only   problem is that  the show is open for public view once the shawl drops down( there shawl dropped so v saw wt was not meant4 public display or was it meant 4 public display i don't noe..) . i was thunderstruck( i wont say i dint like wt i saw.. who wont? bt i dint really enjoyed the company of my neighbors 2witness the scene.. it was embarrassing.. moreover how cod she be half naked wid an almost unbuttoned shirt and i don't think her undergarment was doing her any justice to protect her from the cold winds and she was  braving the Delhi winters when the maximum temperature was  12 degree that day, HOW? and i was shivering with 2sweaters.What a shame!) oh wait embarrassment is yet 2come.
my neighbors tried their best to let there kid forget his very first lesson of biology practicals bt the kid is not yet ready 2let it go..
The kid 2his father .." papa  woh bhaiya didi kya kar rahe the ?"
Dad( poor dad) .. "beta us didi ki tabiya kharab ha isliye bhaiya ne  pakad kar raka hai "

kid.. ....................." ohhhhhh accha didi ki tabiyat kharab hai ????????? aftr a long pause....... toh papa.. agar us didi ki tabiyat kharab hai toh woh bhaiya unne smooch kyon kar rahe the..unka haath didi ke top ke niche kyon tha papa  ?"

now this is embarrassing .. tht 8year old kid knows what a smooch is ? seriously ? i miss those simple days when kids at this age talk abt batman and power puff gurls( depending on their sex. that's what i used 2do with my friends.. dos tht mean i was dumb back then? nahhh) n now they discuss abut 'smooch' ?times hv changed.. n thnx 2 the liberal sex- talks that happens everywhere but not where it is actually needed.
we are the younger generation.. we have more of non-sense  when it comes to PDA..i noe v r all  human beings n v hv 2 satisfy our "urges" but y to make it public ?PDA is so common . u get to see couples getting cosy almost everywhere from the secluded corners in the mall to movie theaters( if the movie is boring there is alwas a back up.. thnx 2 these couples), monuments, zoo ahh the list is quite long so i wont drag more....(the funniest part is that the bystanders r most embarrassed to see couples in such objectionable position but the couples shows no signs of embarrassment?   aren't these couples supposed to be embarrassed? well at least thts how it should be isn't it  ? well no  ; As i said earlier- times have changed so did the roles . its our time to be embarrassed to see them making out ; v the poor by standers are at fault if v ever try 2 question them(WTF?))
i noe we don't have such liberal parents who would let our b/f or g/f to come home n spend sum good time 2gether(good time together = is more often making out) but that doesn't mean we go about  assuming  public places as our very own bedrooms. we are so innovative in all the other fields(and i don't mean being innovative on bed ) then why don't v use our fucking brains to search 4 some new places to get cosy n  stop polluting the already polluted small little brains around us..( its very difficult to explain what sex is to a 4year or 10 year old kid trust me i have tried explaining and ended up pulling me hair! so don't give glimpse of the act to the kids . let them grow up wid all there innocence )


  1. jealous kiddo.. u can't do that so you write about the ones who do it and make fun of them on an open forum like your blog.. that's bad dhani(hehehe)
    JK OK

  2. oye im not at all interstd in any public show n ya my blog is to primarily dump my thoughts :D


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